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Have you recently been convicted of a burglary charge? If you live in or near the St. Charles, MO, area and are looking for a trained and experienced criminal attorney, look no further than the Byrnes Law Firm for a well-organized defense strategy.

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Have you been charged with theft or stealing in St. Charles, MO? This is a tough situation, and you need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to plead your case. look no further than the Byrnes Law Firm. Your lawyer Bill Byrnes has worked with a broad variety of stealing charges and can defend people against serious crimes!

“Theft” is defined as taking property that belongs to someone else without that person’s knowledge and/or authorization. You may be charged with specific offenses such as shoplifting, receiving stolen property, counterfeiting, passing bad checks, forgery, deceptive business practices, false advertising, bribery, or identity theft, and Bill Byrnes is your go-to attorney to make sure you are properly represented in your case.

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The Byrnes Law Firm practices many areas of criminal law, and has helped many people like you deal with burglary charges, and has dedicated himself to protecting your constitutional rights. Bill wants you represented by the best, and would love to speak with you about your burglary charge defense case. CALL OUR OFFICE to set up a FREE CONSULTATION. Our phones are available 24 hours a day.

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For nearly two decades, attorney Bill Byrnes has sought to protect the rights of individuals and families in St. Charles, St. Louis, and throughout the state of Missouri. Through his hard work, knowledge, experience, and dedication, he has won the respect of clients and colleagues throughout the state.


Bill is more than just some lawyer. He truly cares, and treats each of his clients with a far more personal touch than most other lawyers.

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Hundreds of clients and thousands of cases, Bill Byrnes has the history and track record to prove he’s prepared for your case. He’s even set case law during his career!

Burglary Defense Attorney
Understanding the crime you’re being charged with:

What You Should Do

If you are facing felony burglary charges, you need to call a lawyer immediately after your arrest. In most cases, the police will offer to reduce your sentence if you admit to committing the crime, either verbally or by signing a written confession. However, please note that Missouri Law prohibits police officers to draft legal agreements. These tactics are meant to simply help the prosecutor prove your guilt later – at trial – and enable a quick recovery for the property owner. Before signing a confession, it is very important that you call your burglary defense attorney who will oversee the creation of this legal exchange, if necessary, without causing further damage to your case.

Also note that if an officer appears at your door to question you regarding stolen property, they most likely do not have enough evidence to charge you with burglary. If there was enough evidence, they would have arrived with a warrant. Therefore, you would be within your legal rights to not let them in at least until you have called your lawyer.


Byrnes Law Firm understands that many people struggle with the financial burdens their case may have, and likely feel reluctant to even speak with a lawyer about their case, often choosing to go at it alone. This is a mistake, and more often than not, will lead to an unfavorable outcome in your case. When your rights are at risk, you need a strong and experienced lawyer at your side to get you through with the best possible outcome, and the Byrnes Law Firm wants you to know that you can call and consult with them about your case absolutely free. Tell your story, and know your options. You’re in good hands.

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