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DWI Lawyer, Bill Byrnes, is an Attorney Member of The National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD). Bill Byrnes wants you to know you have rights, and he’ll work hard to make sure you are properly defended. Trust Bill Byrnes to fight for you!

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Have you been charged with a DUI offense? Are you looking for a reliable lawyer to plead your case? As a time-tested DWI attorney in St Louis, Bill Byrnes of Byrnes Law Firm is here to defend you. Byrnes Law Firm represents DWI clients throughout St. Louis, St. Charles, and the surrounding areas.

Unlike most states, Missouri law uses the terms “DUI” (driving under the influence) and “DWI” (driving while intoxicated) interchangeably to refer to those who drive while under the effects of alcohol or drugs — these overlapping definitions can have drastic consequences for your driver’s license and your legal case.

Regardless of the substance (or substances) in question, drunk driving is a serious criminal offense. If convicted, there are criminal and administrative aspects to consider, but one thing is for certain: you don’t want to give up without presenting a strong defense — the consequences are simply too severe in the state of Missouri.

Criminal Consequences Of A Drunk Driving Conviction

Criminal consequences, determined by a judge upon your arrest, can range from monetary penalties or community service to probation or even jail time. You might also be subjected to alcohol classes, an ignition interlock device, and/or a SCRAM bracelet (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring). The extent of the charges will be determined based on your driving record and previous similar charges, if any.

Administrative consequences, handled by the Missouri Department of Revenue, include an automatic loss of license, significantly higher insurance premiums, a SATOP (Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program) to have your license restored, and a restoration fee. Whether or not your license is restored is also based on the previously mentioned conditions.

Why Call Bill Byrnes?


For nearly two decades, attorney Bill Byrnes has sought to protect the rights of individuals and families in St. Charles, St. Louis, and throughout the state of Missouri. Through his hard work, knowledge, experience, and dedication, he has won the respect of clients and colleagues throughout the state.


Bill is more than just some lawyer. He truly cares, and treats each of his clients with a far more personal touch than most other lawyers.

Proven Results

Hundreds of clients and thousands of cases, Bill Byrnes has the history and track record to prove he’s prepared for your case. He’s even set case law during his career!

Should You Blow?

As an experienced DUI defense lawyer, Bill is often asked, “Should I take the breath test?”

In general, he does not recommend his clients take a breathalyzer test unless they feel confident they are under the legal limit. (The legal limit for drunk driving in Missouri is .08.)

The best way to make this refusal to an officer is to respectfully explain that you will not take the test without an attorney present. They will treat your comment as a refusal and so will the County and Municipal Courts. However, I do advise that you always tell the police that you will take the test in the presence of your attorney. You should then contact Byrnes Law Firm immediately.

Additionally, you should not take the field sobriety test. These tests are designed for you to fail.


A Missouri DUI arrest report can be broken down into four parts. Three of these items are under your control. The four parts of the Police Report for Drinking and Driving arrests are these:

  • Officer’s personal observations
  • Standard field sobriety tests
  • Your answers to the officer’s questions
  • Breathalyzer test

You cannot control the officer’s personal observations of you. For example, he/she will comment on the condition of your eyes, the smell of your breath, and if you are swaying or slurring. This is the officer’s personal opinion, and nothing more.

The other three parts of the police report are within your control. You have the right to refuse to do Standard Field Sobriety Tests. These tests are designed to encourage failure. Therefore, I recommend you do not take them.

You are not required to answer the officer’s questions about whether or not you have been drinking, what you have done that night, or where you were going.

Finally, you are not required to take a breathalyzer test; however, should you refuse, the officer will inform you that you will lose your license under the implied consent law. What the officers won’t tell you is that for first time offenders, many times the prosecutor will work out a deal with your attorney so that you can keep your license. This may be especially important if you have a CDL license.


Byrnes Law Firm understands that many people struggle with the financial burdens their case may have, and likely feel reluctant to even speak with a lawyer about their case, often choosing to go at it alone. This is a mistake, and more often than not, will lead to an unfavorable outcome in your case. When your rights are at risk, you need a strong and experienced lawyer at your side to get you through with the best possible outcome, and the Byrnes Law Firm wants you to know that you can call and consult with them about your case absolutely free. Tell your story, and know your options. You’re in good hands.

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